Snorkeling with a Humpback Whale mother and calf

Our whale tours

Our whale watching tours usually run from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm from and to Grand Turk. If you are visiting on a cruise ship we can amend our departure and return times according to your ship schedule and do a pick-up/drop-off from the beach beside the cruise terminal.

While we head out to sea, we will give you a briefing on the trip, whale behaviour and our approach to encounters with the Humpback Whales. You will be listening to live whale song through our on-board hydrophone and if the whales' behavior is favorable, you can even slip in the water and snorkel with them.

Curious calf

The tail is unique to each whale

What is included in the trip?

Our approach

We strictly practice soft encounters, meaning that the whales largely dictate the course and timeframe of the encounter. We never chase or harass the animals, but approach them slowly and calmly, evaluate their behaviour and then decide how to continue. If the whales show signs of being distressed, we cease contact and continue our search for whales that are more receptive to an interaction with us.

Whale watching boat Spyhop

Unforgettable in-water encounter

We understand that it is many a people's dream to swim with a Humpback Whale and we strive to make it happen whenever we can. It is good to realise though that the whales are wild animals and you will be observing them in their natural environment. Swimming may or may not be possible depending on the whales' behaviour, their reaction to our presence and the sea conditions.

However, thanks to more than a decade of experience working with Humpback Whales and our respectful approach technique, we often get rewarded with exhilarating in-water encounters that create unforgettable memories for our guests.

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For prices, please refer to the "Rates" page. Any more questions? Feel free to send us an E-Mail.

Please note: Whale swimming is a physically demanding activity and anyone wishing to try this experience should be in reasonably good physical condition. If you are not a strong swimmer you may choose to observe the whales from the safety of the boat.

Weight restriction is 250 pounds due to boarding ladder specifications.